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Author: Samuel

With the right SEO techniques, businesses can reap the benefits of ranking higher on search engines one of which is an increase in revenue. However, in their quest to come out on top of Google pages, most small business will make mistakes that will work against their objectives. The great thing is, These mistakes can be avoided with a little planning and know how. Let’s find out more! Working on SEO after launching the website Many small businesses will start...

In this modern digitalized age that we are living in, the internet is very much a part of the business strategy. In fact, even with the physical stores, an online presence can quickly increase the size of the market and significantly boost revenue. SEO or search engine optimization will help businesses create a proper online presence. These are just some of the ways that businesses can make use of SEO. Look at SEO as an investment For...

For many who open startups, the ultimate goal is to turn it into a big thriving business. But how do you achieve this? The truth is that there are many ways in which you can propel your business to the next stage of growth, one of which is SEO or search engine optimization. But what exactly is it? SEO SEO has to do with the internet and making your business website get listed high on the first pages. Buyers searching...