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Segmenting Your Leads Purchasing Intent

Segmenting Your Leads Purchasing Intent

Here are some interesting fact findings for you! Did you know that as an E-commerce store owner the majority of traffic never actually commit to buying from your site?

Granted, you may be well versed in sending people to your store, but up to 97% of them will leave without making a purchase.

I know what you are thinking. What! Right?

This is huge missed potential. But the great news is, there’s a way to turn most of the 97% into willing buyers and it’s called Lead Magnets.

But before we find out how…what is a lead magnet?

Think of it as a sort of bribe where you offer prospective clients something of value but for them to access it, they should first provide you with contact information which may include e-mail, phone number etc.

Lets now find out how.

  1. Purchase discounts or coupons

Coupons are just one of the most effective lead magnets. By offering your visitors a discount after signing up to your email list, they quickly discover how easy it is to acquire that discount and sign up fast.

If say you were offering a 20% discount on a skirt listed on your site for $50, then customers will only pay £40 simply for registering to your mail list.

  1. Free or discounted shipping

As an online shopper, there is this thing called shipping costs that just turn even the sweetest purchase a little sour. If only there was a way to take advantage of customers’ hatred for shipping costs. Oh wait, there is!

Offer them free shipping starting from a reasonable price (so as not to end up paying more on shipping than the cost of the item ordered).

And the only way to qualify for free shipping is? You guessed it, signing up to your free mail list.

  1. Product buyers guide

One thing with online shopping is that customers are bombarded with so many products to choose from that they find it hard to decide on one.

By creating a buyer’s guide for each type of product you can provide them with much-needed insight on how to make the right choice. Create a dialogue box where you say (Insert product here).

  1. Running promotions

You can have regular promotions and sales on the items listed on your store. Put a subscriber program in place where interested customers can put in their contact information to be notified about the next sale.

This lead magnet has proven very effective.

  1. Offer free gifts

This definitely has to be one of the most effective yet simple lead magnets. Everybody wants free gifts and by asking for the customer’s contact details, they will gladly offer it to you if it means getting something in return.

I know you are asking yourself, what next?

Well, after you’ve gathered the customer’s contact information, you can regularly send them free information and tailor your marketing to them which increases the conversion rate of your E-commerce store.


Hi, I'm one of the main consultants here at Uppi. My expertise is mainly in creating effective digital marketing strategies for service businesses. If you have any questions about the topics I write about, please either leave a comment below or send me an email.

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