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Our Favourite Craft Beer Brewers in Devon

Our Favourite Craft Beer Brewers in Devon

Devon offers stunning scenery and plenty to do throughout your day. But perhaps one of the best ways to enjoy Devon is to chill back and sip on the smoothest and freshest craft beer. Let’s consider some of the best small breweries in Devon where you can find the most awesome craft beer.

  1. Dartmoor Brewery

This one is pretty simple to find considering it’s situated within Dartmoor National Park. And that is not the only reason Dartmoor brewery is so unique. At 446 meters above sea level, this is England’s highest set brewery. A combination of local malts, fresh clean Dartmoor water and a special strain of yeast result in some great tasting booze.

  1. Otter Brewery

Otter Brewery started in a farm back in 1990 and is now one of the most educative and intriguing breweries in Devon. Find out how their refreshing ales, ciders, bitters and lagers are crafted. This is a family brewery through and through with all family members playing their part in its smooth running.

  1. Hunters Brewery

This brewery is conveniently situated in Devon’s countryside. It is a family run brewery which utilizes locally available ingredients to add the best flavour to their craft beer. Their signature procedure is bottle conditioning. Here the yeast is left in the bottle to ferment resulting in natural carbonation. This gives the beer its rich flavour.

  1. Exeter Brewery

Initially called Topsham and Exminster brewery, the name changed to what we know it today as Exeter brewery. The company has seen a rapid growth throughout the years since it begun in 2003. You can visit their retail shop where you can purchase some polo as well as long-sleeved t-shirts and glasses. Or you could just head to the tap room bar and sip on that refreshing beer.

  1. New Lion Brewery

New Lion Brewery is situated in the small town of Totnes. Despite its small size, the brewery offers quite a number of beers and ales. However, what will likely attract you to the brewery is the friendly community and welcoming atmosphere as so many craft beer lovers have found. If you want to try the different types of beer on offer, check in at every evening at the New Lion bar.

  1. Palmers Brewery

There is no mention of Devon’s finest craft beer brewers without talking about Palmers brewery. They have been in the business for quite a while now since 1974 so you know they’ve learned a thing or two about crafting the best beer. Apart from offering some great tasting ales, they also provide guided tours every year from Easter to December. If you want to learn how their classic ales are crafted, book early.

  1. Ringwood Brewery

Founded back in 1978 by one of the most respected brewmasters of the day, Ringwood brewery is the best free trade ale brewery. Don’t you worry if you have been thinking of trying out their tasty ales but are miles away, you can still visit their website and place your order.

So, those are the Uppi team’s favourites, what are yours?


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