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Leading Tax & Fraud Solicitors

Leading Tax & Fraud Solicitors
Conversion Rate Optimisation, Local SEO, Pay Per Click, SEO, Social Media, Web Design


Take over their online marketing strategy helping to increase the number of enquires from people facing serious fraud charges, large tax investigations, extradition, SFO or FCA investigation and other large legal issues.



Update the on-page SEO of the website and create bespoke landing pages for all targeted Adgroups within Adwords.


The Adwords account requires an entire rebuild from the ground up. Keyword match types, ad copy, URLs, split testing, ad extensions all required setup.

Work on a lateral prospecting strategy to find clients at a lower CPA than traditional keyword targets.

Conversion Optimisation

Constantly hone the landing pages to ensure a high level of conversions. Work on building the best site on Adwords, building trust that the business can handle the high complexity of the potential client’s case.


Over the last 18 months we have created many landing pages. First we started on their main site, however this offered little flexibility and quickly moved off site onto Unbounce. This offered greater flexibility and also split testing, so we could try changes to ensure we were moving in the correct direction.

After 9 months of using Unbounce we started to outgrow it. We required a responsive solution, one that we could make look more modern and follow a content driven trust basis. We therefore created an entirely new 40 page website for use on Adwords only.

Adwords is monitored every 3-4 hours, watching for budget leaks, optimising copy, split testing ads. Maintaining CPC and CPA targets. Blocking the competition from performing click fraud. This is our main client and project.

One of the most profound examples of our campaign expansion for this firm centres around a particular tax avoidance scheme which had just been cracked by HMRC. The firm wanted to take on previous users of this scheme as clients with a view to launching class actions against the providers.

Following the initial meeting, we set up a dedicated conversion-focused website and a granular campaign spanning over 500 keywords, looking down lateral avenues as well as the obvious avenues. Within a week, we were bringing in clients being chased by HMRC for this scheme – over a month before the biggest tax industry names got involved.


  • 294% Click Through Rate increase
  • 230% increase in monthly leads
  • 160% higher conversion rate than industry average
  • 76% reduction in Cost Per Acquisition