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Is Your Firm Losing Money By Not Advertising On Holidays?

Is Your Firm Losing Money By Not Advertising On Holidays?

If your firm is attracting new business through PPC adverts, pausing them during public and bank holidays might appear to make sense. This is especially true for the majority of law firms who aren’t equipped to deal with new client enquiries during public and bank holidays, and would have to put on additional staff to cope with them.

Your law firm might not be open, but are your potential clients still looking?

In almost every area of law, the pertinent individuals, organisations, or bodies, don’t stop moving just because it’s a holiday. People don’t stop being arrested and charged, individuals don’t stop receiving letters from HMRC, or deciding to get a divorce.

With so many law firms deciding to pause their ads and close on public and bank holidays, it leaves less firms to serve an equal, or even greater, number of clients.

You might be surprised to hear that holidays are some of our clients’ best days, and gives easy returns on the additional costs of having an employee field new client enquiries.

It’s not just the quantity of enquiries that benefits – it’s the cost too

In PPC campaigns, simple supply and demand applies. In this example, the supply of clients remains equal, but the demand reduces. On its own this will lead to reduced CPC then CPAs, without considering the increased on-site conversion rates and CTRs.
This works for our clients, but be aware
Whilst this wins substantial new business for many of our clients, it’s not for everyone. Following the general advice, such as what is detailed here, will only get you so far.

My advice is to use the “compare” function built into Adwords to easily measure whether running on holidays works for you, and adjust accordingly.

To build and maintain a profitable and effective PPC campaign, testing is key. This strategy might work better for you than anyone else – but equally – potentially worse.

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