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Why SEO Is so Important for Small Businesses

Why SEO Is so Important for Small Businesses

For many who open startups, the ultimate goal is to turn it into a big thriving business. But how do you achieve this?

The truth is that there are many ways in which you can propel your business to the next stage of growth, one of which is SEO or search engine optimization.

But what exactly is it?


SEO has to do with the internet and making your business website get listed high on the first pages. Buyers searching the web for their next product make use of SEO.

I bet now you are thinking; how do I get my business website high on the first Google page?

Good question!

Well, paying search engines to list you at the top is one way. Another is to make use of correct SEO practices and marketing campaigns. This will take time but done correctly, should get you there.

How SEO works

Search engines, whether its Bing, Yahoo or the good old Google use preset algorithms to analyze your website for credibility, loading times, keywords use, as well as how long visitors stay on your site and other factors.

And the great part is,

The better your website performs based on these criteria, the higher it’s going to rank and the easier it is going to be for online buyers to access your content.

Search engine optimization is the process of ensuring that your website passes the criteria to allow it to rank high on search engines.

The importance of SEO

So, you have a good idea of what SEO is and how it works. You even know that it should result in more profits.

Let’s find out some more benefits of SEO when utilized correctly by small businesses, shall we?

Finding leads-when creating content for your website, proper SEO practices require you to incorporate the right keywords. When potential customers search for the keywords, they are directed to the websites that offer what they are looking for. This allows for specific advertising bringing willing customers straight to you.

Regular and loyal customers– for your website to rank high, two of the most important SEO elements include site speed and reliable content. Get these right and your customers should enjoy the shopping experience. As a result, they become regular customers.

Building your brand-SEO is an excellent tool for developing your business brand. If you are listed for specific keywords in your industry and rank high on Google pages for such keywords, customers will see you as a worthy business in the industry as they tend to trust what Google is telling them. And the more customers trust you, the more they will be willing to buy from you.


Whether you want to include paid SEO advertisements or plan to run your own SEO campaign, one thing remains true, small business will highly benefit from SEO. If you were to incorporate the two, the results would be huge. It will open and expose your business to a completely different demographic of online shoppers.

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