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What AMP’s Mean For Your Business

What AMP’s Mean For Your Business

What Is An AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and were created mainly as a response to Facebook’s Instant Articles in October 2015. What AMP’s do is strip out most of the heavy code from a web page and help make it as fast as possible for mobile users.

By now most law firms will have a responsive web design.  This means your website will most likely look good across all screen sizes and devices. However the side effect from the responsive revolution is many pages carry over a lot of unnecessary code.

For example on a desktop your website may have very nice looking mouse over effects. On a tablet or phone, there is no mouse. These preloaded snippets of code, javascript and often images are being loaded over a slow mobile network and causing unnecessary high page load times. AMP helps strip these out and ensure your web page loads as fast as possible.

An Example of AMP’s In Action

The Guardian are one of the main websites implementing AMP. Following is a speed test showing from the same article.

Here is the standard version results

Screenshot 2016-03-21 15.23.25

Here is the AMP version results

Screenshot 2016-03-21 15.22.39

The AMP version loads nearly 2 seconds faster than the standard version. Is almost 73% smaller and has 40 less requests. This is on one of the fastest and largest news websites in the world. In the real world of using shared servers, we could be looking at the difference of between a 30 second load time vs a 7 second load time.

For load times longer than 10 seconds, often a user will either bounce or start multitasking and you no longer have their attention. Page speed is a huge conversion factor.

How Will AMP Affect My Law Firm?

As AMP’s are slowly being rolled out, eventually we will find mobile users will start demanding websites they visit to be utilising it.

Google is starting to show the AMP logo in their search results to indicate to searchers that a website is fast. This alone will substantially improve click through rates for websites with this logo.


Google already uses pagespeed as a ranking factor. So far they haven’t confirmed that AMP will be a ranking signal but you can be sure it will be, if not already is. Not only will implementing AMP help your rankings, but also increase the percentage of people clicking through to your website.

As previously mentioned, pagespeed is a use conversion factor. Infact we have a plan to show you how to improve the speed of your website if you’re using WordPress soon. KissMetrics recently found that “A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions”. By implementing AMP, you could see your conversion rate increase and your traffic increase. AMP will directly improve your bottom line.

What Next?

Comment below if you’re looking at implementing AMP on your website, maybe we or one of our other readers can help and share their knowledge. If you would like someone to take care of it for you, give us a bell.

Hi, I'm one of the main consultants here at Uppi. My expertise is mainly in creating effective digital marketing strategies for service businesses. If you have any questions about the topics I write about, please either leave a comment below or send me an email.

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